Corporate Events

"Great team building event, Helena, thank you again for last night - it was exactly what we hoped for!  Jan and Utiligroup folks..."  Jan Iceton, Strategic Clients and Consultancy Director, Utiligroup, Corporate Team Building Murder Mystery Evening.

"Superbly organised." Cliona Murphy, R&D Director, PepsiCo International, Corporate Murder Mystery Evening

To Die For...Murder Mystery Corporate Events are a great way to get your team to work together co-operatively within a fun and friendly environment.

  • Problem Solving
  • Team Work
  • Communication Skills
  • Analysis of Information

To Die For...Murder Mystery Events are highly interactive.  Each delegate will play a character part (allocated a week or so before the event).  Scripted booklets are provided on the day and each participant's mission is to ensure that no-one on their team chooses them as the murderer! 

A clue hunt is incorporated into the event.  Delegates must work as a team to decode cryptic messages to find hidden evidence around the venue. 

The Plot

The Management Team at Divine Drugs Inc. are on an Away Day at Todifer Hall.  During the night Dr Smythe is found dead in her bed - killed with a lethal dose of morphine.  The quandary is that they all appear to have motive.  Also, a number of suspects appear to belong to a secret society - The Knotted Brethren - secret handshakes and passed notes indicate they may have a hidden agenda.

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From £20 per delegate Evening Event with Mini Clue Hunt

From £25 per delegate Day Event with Countryside Clue Hunt.

Price is for Murder Mystery only - it doesn't include the venue or food.  We can use your venue or organise a suitable venue for you. 

Minimum: 10 delegates

Maximum: 100 delegates