Gift Voucher

£ 200 

Murder Mystery Gift Voucher

The perfect Christmas or birthday present for someone who loves murder mysteries.

Personalised Gift Voucher for a fully facilitated murder mystery event for 10 people - £200 (please contact us for prices for larger groups).

Please provide the name of the friend/relative you are purchasing the voucher for and who it is from so we can personalise the voucher.

*PLEASE NOTE: £200 applies to events within 30 miles of our base in Leicester.  Please contact us if the event will be further afield as extra costs may apply.


A New Year...To Die For

£ 12.92 

A CD with downloadable invitations, top secret information, booklets (scripts for your guests), clues, host's guide, prologue, labels, alibi report sheet, deduction sheet, crossword for guests to complete to gain an extra piece of the puzzle and the solution to the murder.  Everything you need for a fun night in with friends over New Year. A game for 12/13 players.

This plot is now available via email as downloadable PDF documents.  Please provide your email address.

The Plot

It's New Year's Eve, 1925.  The highly dysfunctional McTavish clan gather at Doom Castle in Scotland to hear the Will of their recently deceased relative, Jock McTavish.  In the early hours of the morning, Jock's son, Hector McTavish, is brutally murdered.  Could a member of the clan be responsible?  Could Jock's Will hold the key to this terrible crime?

Price includes CD plus postage and packing.