An Operation...To Die For (New Plot)
It is 1965.  The setting is St Todifer’s General Hospital.  When 25 year old glamour model, Delores Dream, fails to wake after her supposedly successful operation, suspicions are raised.  A private room paid for by her sugar daddy, Ronald Flush, should’ve ensured her safety, but no such luck.  Did someone sneak in?  Was the operation sabotaged?  Who could do such a thing?  All are gathered for interrogation by Inspector Tendall: doctors, nurses, porters, cleaners, volunteers, even the surgeon.  It soon becomes clear that dear Delores has secrets from her past and it seems they have caught up with her!

A Conspiracy...To Die For - A Spy Thriller

The nation is left in shock when new Prime Minister, left winger Jeff Christmas, is assassinated while opening Socialist Bookshop “Sassy Poll”.  His revolutionary agenda, including turning Buckingham Place into a Homeless Shelter, is put on the back burner as a new election is organised.  Meanwhile, in a quiet Peak District Village, a gathering of walkers expectantly await the climax of the ‘Muddy Boot Awards’ – little knowing that their lives would become intertwined with the death of their P.M.  Does the assassin have unfinished business?

A Spa Day...To Die For (Suitable for adults and children 10+)

You'll need your posh dresses and tuxedos to attend the Gala Night!

There is great excitement in the sleepy town of Slaybury when a new Spa Hotel opens its doors to local dignitaries and celebrities for a ‘Gala Night’.  Free treatments are offered to guests as they arrive in the afternoon:  Botox injections from Dr Bodget, Image Advice from ‘Life-Style Guru’ Jude Namaak and a relaxing massage from Drew Rubbit.  Plus use of the Sauna, Spa and Pool.  

Owner, Pip Poshington, has organised a fabulous formal black tie 5 course meal with unlimited champagne for the Gala Evening.  However, when local bank manager Robin B’Stard doesn’t turn up for dinner a search of the Spa Area uncovers a horrific scene in the Sauna.  Robin has been brutally murdered and suspects are gathered together, in all their finery, to answer Inspector Snoop’s questions. 

A Cruise...To Die For (Suitable for adults and children 10+)

Dig out those flares and flowery shirts!  It is 1974!

Guests are on a luxury cruise around the Caribbean Islands.  The cruise liner is stranded at sea as the incompetent Engineer struggles to restart the failing engines.  As they drift in the ocean the situation takes a sinister turn when the 1st class passengers start being bumped off.  A man overboard is shortly followed by a mysterious 'locked room' death in one of the cabins.  Passengers start to fear for their own lives...The 'Love Boat' this ain't!  

A Talent Show...To Die For (Suitable for adults and children 10+)

A variety of weird and wonderful costumes needed for the Talent Show Contestants

It is mid December 2012. Contestants in the final of the TV reality programme 'A Talent Show...To Die For' are staying at a luxurious country manor outside London. The morning of the final, top judge, Simeon Lewok, is found dead in his suite. Everyone is baffled particularly disgraced ex Detective Inspector Coulston - now a PC, who had been guarding Simeon. Simeon was in a locked room - the key still on the inside of the door. He had a tiny puncture on the side of his neck, a small window was open but his room was 3 stories up, embers of a dying fire smouldered in the grate. A curious smell emanated from his body and there was an unidentified puddle of liquid by the fireplace.

Who could have murdered Simeon? There are plenty of suspects - could it be Bendy Bess - the contortionist? Hypnobob the Hypnotist? Or was Slinky Selina's snake somehow involved? Other contestests are also put in the frame as evidence emerges of secrets and lies that link the finalists to the murdered man. Could their special talents have been used to lethal effect?


An Away Day...To Die For

White coated scientists and the occasional crazy gardener

The Management Team at Divine Drugs Inc. are on an Away Day at Todifer Hall.  They arrive in good spirits on Friday night but in the morning Dr Smythe is found dead in her bed - killed by a lethal dose of morphine.

The quandry is that they all appear to have motive:  could the murderer be the shifty Jimmy 'Mad Dog' McGinty who works as a gardener at the Hall?  Could it be the suave, good looking local Doctor - Dr Don Dash?  A number of the suspects appear to belong to a secret society - The Knotted Brethren - secret handshakes and passed notes indicate they may have a hidden agenda.

 A Wedding...To Die For

Bridesmaids and wedding guest outfits

Guests arrive at Todifer Hall to attend the wedding of French aristocrat Cari Frivolite and millionaire Sir David Suave, which is to be held the next day.  But nuptials are never to take place.  On her wedding morning Cari is brutally murdered.  Strangled by thin wire and bludgeoned with an ice axe she collapsed on the floor of her room in a pool of her own blood.  At 9am Reverend Smarm, to his horror, stumbled upon her corpose.  Before she bled to death Cari scrawled the word 'MAD' in blood on the floor - could this be a clue to the killer's identity?


A Reunion...To Die For

Nuns and Vicars and 80s dress needed!

It is 1980.  Pupils and Staff who were at St Todifer Catholic Boarding School in the 1950s and 60s reunite after 20 years apart.  The weekend has been organised by Rick O'More as a tribute to his sister, Kathryn O'More, who disappeared without trace on 10th July 1960. 

However, the reunion ends in tragedy.  The morning after they arrive, Clifford Forthright is found lying in the snow, killed by a fatal blow from the heavy gardening spade left lying beside his body.  Could his death be linked to Kathryn's disappearance?  A web of secrets and lies are revealed stretching back to the Second World War. 

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 A New Year...To Die For (This is a complex plot - suitable for a day or weekend event or to challenge experienced sleuthers!)

Kilts and Flapper Fashion - it's Scotland in the 1920s

It is New Year's Eve, 1925.  the highly dysfunctional McTavish clan gather at Doom Castle in Scotland to hear the Will of their recently deceased relative, Jock McTavish, owner of Doom Castle.  The reading is to take place the next day.  That evening, the group follow Jock's last wishes and throw a New Year's Eve Party 'to celebrate his life'.  Tragically, in the early hours of the morning, Jock's son, Hector McTavish, is brutally murdered.  Could a member of the clan be responsible?  Could Jock's Will hold the key to this terrible crime.